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  • The presidentsThe presidents : visual encyclopedia

    Parker, Philip, 1965-

    "Explore the lives of America's 45 presidents, as well as notable first ladies, famous speeches, and major constitutional events ..."--Amazon.com.

  • How robotics is changing the worldHow robotics is changing the world

    Hulick, Kathryn.

    Explores the role of robotics in medical care, education, military, exploration and more.

  • Growing up in FranceGrowing up in France

    Parks, Peggy J., 1951-

    "Nearly one-quarter of France's population is aged nineteen or younger. French youth grow up in a place that is known worldwide for its spectacular scenery, delicious cuisine, enviable fashion, and some of the finest art and architecture in the world. Featured are an overview of the country along with insights into how young people in France experience home and family, education and work, and social life, as well as having to face an uncertain future due to a struggling economy and high youth unemployment"--Provided by the publisher.

  • Growing up in Saudi ArabiaGrowing up in Saudi Arabia

    Sheen, Barbara.

    "Saudi Arabia is a wealthy Muslim nation that is both very modern and extremely traditional. Finding balance between the modern world and traditional values is a part of almost every young Saudi's life. Featured are an overview of the country as well as insights into how Saudi youth experience home and family, education and work, social life, and more"--Provided by the publisher.

  • Marley Dias gets it doneMarley Dias gets it done : and so can you!

    Dias, Marley (Marley Emerson)

    "Marley explores activism, social justice, volunteerism, equity, inclusion, and using social media for good. She offers practical tools for galvanizing kids' strengths in their homes, communities, schools, and libraries, while getting support from adults. Focusing on the importance of literacy and diversity, Marley shares her personal journey to compassionate social action and delivers hands-on strategies for becoming a lifelong reader"--Back cover.

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